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Garuda – English

HRM tools for recruitment and competence development

We have developed HRM tools for a wide variety of HR processes related to recruitment as well as employee and management development, this including development of personal competencies, talent, management styles and team development.

Garuda’s HR tools provide your organization with a common language and create the best grounds for an equal dialogue about the conditions that affect work life.


HRM tools for Development

HRM tools for Development

Garuda has developed a wide range of HRM tools, that combined make it possible to get the full perspective on the employee, the team and the organization. Our HRM tools vary in complexity and are suitable for employees on all organizational levels – from senior executives to hourly workers.



Uncover personal strengths and competencies with a personality test, independent of subjective preferences and expectations. With the Garuda JobProfile, your company will have the optimal starting point for evaluating candidates.


Garuda’s Head-Heart-leg™ model

All of the Garuda HRM tools are based on our Head-Heart-Leg™ model, which map people, organizations and jobs in three areas:
The Head comes up with ideas and solutions and 
holds the ability to analyze, structure and organize.
The Heart has to get acceptance of the ideas and enable teamwork and holds the ability to cooperate and establish trustful relationships.
The Legs implements the ideas and get things done. They 
hold the ability to take on independent action and responsibility.


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Get to know the candidate – and hire the right candidate.

Does your organization have difficulty describing the type of person that matches the job?
 Garuda’s HRM tools create the best grounds for effective recruitment. Using our HRM tools and personality tests will make it much easier to identify and articulate precisely what personal and professional skills your organization needs. 
The more precisely you can define what you’re looking for, the more qualified the hiring process will be. From preparation of the vacant position, processing applications, evaluation of candidates to conducting the interviews for final selection.

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Employee and Leadership Development

Do you work with talent development for employees and managers?

Garuda offers a wide variety of HRM tools and personality tests that help you discover and identify each employee’s unique contribution to the company. Our tools can help ensure you a focused dialogue about the employee’s personality, focus and personal and professional skills. Our tools provide an accurate and ideal base for initiating professional and personal development – and you can follow your development projects through to completion in a way that strengthens and gratifies both the employee and the organization.

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Team Development

Achieve better results in your team – and the entire organization

Are you fully utilizing your team’s diversity as a resource?
All people have different personal skills and focus on different areas. This understanding is crucial when putting together a successful team where diversity is a strength.
Garuda’s HRM tools make these different types visible in the organization as well as teams, so you can select and develop teams in order to optimize cooperation. Our tools also help provide each employee with an increased awareness of self as well as others’ profiles and their role in the team and organization – thereby creating new opportunities for constructive and positive team development.



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